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Set up a Trust

What is a trust and a charitable trust?

A trust is a ‘relationship’ whereby property (any property) is held by one party for the benefit of another.

A charitable trust is an irreversible trust established, of course, for charitable purposes.

A  document called a ‘trust deed’ is used to set up a trust.

Why start a trust

1. Charitable purposes: You can set up a trust to promote charitable causes like “relief of the poor, education, medical relief and for promoting anything of public utility”.

2. Tax benefits: Trusts get freedom from payment of tax and donors to trusts can deduct the donation amount from their taxable income. That is another reason to set up a trust.

3. Estate/property planning: Ownership of property by more than one person is done best by a establishing a trust.


Estate planning is a key reason to set up a trust. Image from here.

How can help you with establishing your trust

You can sit back at your home as our customer development team and lawyers work on setting up a Trust for you or draft a Trust Deed for you. You’ll be consistently updated about the progress.

Drafting a Trust Deed will cost you Rs. 2799 only. Registering a costs will vary from state to state and the estimated costs are around Rs. 10,000-12,000.

To get started you can fill up a simple form on this page to learn more about setting up a Trusts and drafting a Trust Deed.

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Our customer development team will email you instantly and discuss the issue with you on phone for FREE, if required.