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ISO/TS 16949

ISO/TS 16949
ISO/TS 16949, the technical specification, was approved and issued in Aug 2009, as an automotive sector-specific Quality Management System set of requirements which use ISO 9001:2008 as its base. 

The aim of ISO/TS16949:2009 is the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defects prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. TS16949 applies to the design/ development, production and, when relevant, installation and servicing of automotive-related products. 

The requirements are intended to be applied throughout the supply chain for the first time vehicle assembly plants will be encouraged to seek ISO/TS16949 certification. 

As an international ISO specification:
  1. Anyone can utilize this document to improve their Quality Management Systems;
  2. Any tier(supplier supplying to OEM Automotive) may be registered if it has a direct customer (or potential customer) that requires either compliance or 3rd party registration to TS