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Society Registration in India: Get done by JJASSOCIATEZ Now



Registration of a society

Society Registration helps societies by giving them a legal status. Societies can be formed for a variety of purposes. They are governed by the Societies Registration Act, 1960 (See here).

So you may want to create a housing society or a society for promotion of science education for children.

No matter what your concern is, here are a few points you need to remember before going ahead with the task.

Registration of a society: How to begin?

You need seven or more persons to get together to further a common purpose, scientific, literary or charitable. No maximum limit has been prescribed.

Approach the Registrar with the following documents:

a.    Memorandum of Association: giving name, address, purpose, of the society and its founders.

b.   Rules and regulations: giving rules relating to membership and its cessation, member’s rights and duties, office bearers, meeting rules, etc.

Society Registration: Documents Required

The documents need to be verified by three governing body members. The Registrar should be approached with the following other documents:

a.    Addresses of members of governing body and proof of their identities.

b.   The address of their registered office.

c.    An NOC from the owner of the registered office.

A fee of rupees fifty also need to be paid.


Registered as a Society: Features

  1. A society is not a body corporate. It does not exist for earning profits.
  2. The assets of the society are owned by its governing body.
  3. Any suits against the society are instituted in the name of the Governing Body, the Principle Secretary, Chairman or the President. However, they are not personally liable, the society’s property is held liable.
  4. With the consent of members in a special meeting, a society may even be dissolved.

Society Registration: tips from JJASSOCIATEZ

  1. Check if your state has any regulations relating to registration of societies. If not, then the Central government’s rules will apply.
  2. As a member you can still be sued as a stranger for causing damage to property or upon failing to pay subscription.
  3. Every year, an annual general meeting should be held as set out in the rules.

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