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Personlised Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy : Personalized & Custom-made via jjassociatez


Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Google, Facebook and other such companies get bad press consistently because of amendments to their terms of service and privacy policy.

You, for sure, don’t want to be at the receiving end of the user’s or the law’s wrath.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: A Brief Description

Terms of Services are rules which one must follow when one uses a particular service.

A privacy policy is a legal document which lays down the ways in which a party can use, disclose or manage its client’s or customer’s data and information.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are generally drafted to prevent misuse of service availed by the customer and client’s details and privacy.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Where are they used? 

Every website needs terms of service and privacy policy and because each website has its unique features and uses, copying a template is not a suggested practice

Any business offering a service or involved in collecting of data or information needs to have a ‘Terms of Service’ document and a ‘Privacy Policy’.

[caption id="attachment_18618" align="aligncenter" width="300"]\"privacy Protect your business and get a customised privacy policy made![/caption]

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Tips from 

  • If your services are provided globally mention that you are not liable if your services are illegal in a country.

  • Specify the type of interaction you would have with your clients and customers.

Get Personalisted and Custom-Made Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The experts and jjassociatez with domain area expertise on internet law will work towards making a custom-made Terms of Service document or a Privacy Policy document for you.

We have a completely  transparent pricing structures. No hidden charges!

Special offers may be made for start-ups and first time entrepreneurs.

Our legal experts will need 48 - 72 hours (from the time we receive your payment confirmation).

Using a Template or an Online Generator?

Using a Template to draft your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy can be bad for your business. Every website, e-commerce businesses and even other businesses which deal with data have different needs! Depending on a template or an online generator might prove harmful for you! Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are legal documents and paying for them will only secure you from potential pit-falls or legal suits. (Yes, it means business for us, but we are just being frank here)! [caption id="attachment_18619" align="aligncenter" width="250"]\"terms The 'terms of service' document should be customized. Do NOT depend on templates![/caption]

What to do Next?

Get Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy drafted online NOW!

You can sit back at your home as our customer development team and lawyers work on Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy which suit your needs.

You’ll be consistently updated about the progress.