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NGO Registration

NGO Registration in India

NGO Registration in India can be a cumbersome process for a beginner. jjassociatez, with its objective of ‘legal solutions at ease’, will do make the process of starting an NGO in India simple for you!

An NGO or a Non Governmental Organisation in India can be established in following 3 manners:

Tip: NGOs in India may benefit by signing-up for the partnership system with the Government of India here.

NGO Registration: as a Trust

By creating a trust, you create a relationship which allows one party to hold the property of another property for someone’s benefit.

The easiest way to form an NGO is to start a Trust because only 2 people are required to start an NGO as a Trust: the author and the trustee.  This is the reason many NGOs in India are registered as Trusts.

To set-up a Trust, drafting a ‘Trust Deed’ is required.

NGO Registration: as a Society

By registering your NGO as a Society you provide it with a legal status of a Society (well, obviously!)

The law which which governs Societies in India is the Society Registration Act of 1960.

7 or more people are required to form an NGO as a Society. The purpose they come together for should be a common purpose and can be a scientific purpose, a charitable purpose or a literary purpose.

Documents needed to start an NGO as a Society

One needs to approach the registrar with the documents mentioned below:

Memorandum of Association: which contains the name, address, aims and objectives of the society and the details of its founding members.

Rules and Regulations: these rules contain the rules on the membership of the Society, the rules of meetings, rights and duties of the members, etc.


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NGO Registration: as a Section 25 Company

If your NGO is into the promotion of commerce, science, art, charity, religion or any such useful object and the profits are further invested into the promotion of these objectives, then you may register your NGO as a Section 25 Company!

The Companies Act of 1956 governs the setting up of a Section 25 Company. The Companies Act, 1956 is a Central Act and thus to start an NGO as a Section 25 Company will ensure that it is structurally stronger.

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