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ISO 27001:2005

ISO 27001:2005
ISO 27001:2005 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) within the context of the organization's overall business risks. It specifies requirements for the implementation of security controls customized to the needs of individual organizations or parts thereof. 

ISO 27001 is suited to any organization that manages assets - data, people, software and intellectual property. 

ISO 27001:2005 covers all types of organizations (e.g. commercial enterprises, government agencies, energy providers and utilities, banks, insurance companies non- profit organizations, data warehouses and corporate across all sectors of the economy). 

Benefits of Information Security ISO 27001:2005
  • implementation of business-enabling information security;
  • use by organizations to provide relevant information about information security to customers
  • A valuable framework for resolving security issues.
  • Enhancement of client confidence & perception of your organization.
  • Enhancement of business partners confidence & perception of your organization.
  • Provides confidence that you have managed risk in your own security implementation.
  • Enhancement of security awareness within an organization.
  • Assists in the development of best practice.
  • Can often be a deciding differentiator between competing organizations.