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ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001:2004
is a global standard for environmental management systems which provides the framework for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. 

An EMS is a management tool enabling an organization of any size or type to:
  • identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products or services, and
  • to improve its environmental performance continually, and to implement a systematic approach
  • to setting environmental objectives and targets, to achieving these and to demonstrating that they have been achieved.
Benefits of ISO 14001:2004
  • Minimizes organization’s impact on environment.
  • A foundation to develop future environmental initiatives.
  • Improve operational efficiency that leads to cost savings.
  • Conserves Energy.
  • Reduce environmental liability.
  • Maintains good public and community relations.
  • It provides assurance on environmental issues to the customers, the community and regulatory agencies
  • It complies with environmental regulations
  • It supports the organization's environmental policies, plans and actions.
  • It provides a framework for demonstrating conformity.